A Victorian Lions Club Project

The Lions Rheumatism and Arthritis Medical Research Foundation Australia was established by the Lions Clubs of Elwood to support the development of Rheumatism and Arthritis Research for the benefit of the population within the five Lions Club Districts encompassing Victoria and Southern New South Wales.

This is a Lions International District 201V1-4 project and is currently run by elected members from the following Lions Clubs; Northcote, Heidelberg-Warringal and Essendon, for the Victorian Lions Districts.

The primary role of the Foundation is to create a Capital Fund to support research programmes through liaison with Lions Clubs, Charitable Trusts and Corporations.

The latest donation from Lions Clubs of $78000.00 plus funds from Monash was made to purchase a Tecan Microplate Reader.

View Photos of the presentation here


Eric Gittins and SCS Head Prof Eric Morand with the M1000 Pro multifunction plate reader

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